Seedlings and Herbs

We have an extensive range of seedlings delivered several times each week. Our seedlings are grown and kept outside, not in greenhouses, so you know they are ready to go in to the garden and thrive in our Melbourne weather! Our seedling punnets are $3.95 and advanced seedlings are $4.95 or 10 or more $4.50.

Our herbs are available in seedlings to more advanced plants that are ready for picking. Fresh herbs make a great addition to the garden for their colour and to the kitchen for their flavours!

To enquire on particular stock give us a call on 9876 3479 or send us a question via the contact us form.

We currently have the following seasonal vegetables seedlings in stock. The table below indicates which size is available for each variety and tomatoes are listed separately below. All punnets are $3.95 and all advanced seedlings are $4.95 each or 10 or more $4.50.

advanced seedlings_c.jpg

Advanced seedlings for a kick start on your veggie garden.

Vegetables List2.png