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Potting mix and fertilisers


We stock potting mixes, soil conditioners, fertilisers and pesticides to keep your pots and garden in top shape. 

Our potting mixes come in regular, premium and Terracotta and Tub mixture. The different types each provide varying levels of fertiliser and wetting agents to help kick start your plants. Regular potting mix is available for $7.95 or 2 for $14. This mix is suitable for pots but would benefit from the addition of a fertiliser. The premium mix contains a slow release fertiliser and is available for $10.95 or 2 for $20. Finally, the Terracotta and tub mix contains both fertiliser and wetting agent to help prevent plants in pots from drying out as quickly and is $12.95 or 2 for $25.

For plants that are going directly in to the ground a soil conditioner, such as enriched planting mix or manure will help improve soil quality to help plants establish themselves in the garden.

Fertilisers can help give your plants an extra boost, whether its a liquid plant food for quick absorption to boost veggie crops or a slow release to provide nourishment for larger trees.

Finally, sometimes our plants need a little extra help keeping nasties away. 

Whatever stage your garden or potted plants are at we have a range of products and the advice to help you.

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