Add Privacy to your Garden with Screening Hedge Plants.

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Screening hedge plants are a practical and decorative way to seclude your outdoor setting. Branch Out Nursery is renowned for its collection of ornamental and practical screening plants to bring privacy to your garden.

Adding privacy with flora is easy. Browse Branch Out Nursery’s huge selection of screening plants for your home. Our friendly staff will be able to find the perfect privacy plant for your property.

For over 30 years we have provided Melbourne and surrounding suburbs with quality products and flora. We have a vast selection of screening plants in pots. Can’t find what you’re looking for in our enormous nursery? Branch Out Nursery will order in plants and gardening tools for you.

Fast Growing Screening Plants

Growing screening plants can take time. But certain types of privacy plants are able to grow faster than others so you get a private outdoor area sooner. Branch Out Nursery has a variety of fast growing screening plants in pots such as:

Leighton Green – Leighton Green is one of the fastest growing conifer available. It’s a dense screening plant that can grow over 5 metres.

Lilli Pilly – A popular privacy plant that blooms with colourful flowering and glossy green leaves. Lilli Pilly even produces maroon edible berries.

Red Robin – For a vibrant look, grow red robin privacy plants in your garden. They’re striking red to bronze foliage is captivating.

Orange Blossom – Orange Blossoms are known for its white fragrant flowers. The fast-growing shrub highlights these flowers amongst its dense green foliage.

Bamboo – Bamboo are screening trees that add style and privacy to your garden. They are non-invasive plant that grow around 5-8 metres tall.

Screening Plants For All Spaces

Screening plants are the perfect way to seclude an outdoor area. Are you planning the layout of your current garden space? Talk to one of our staff at Branch Out Nursery. We’ll help you match your outdoor area with the right privacy plants.

Screening hedge plants all grow in varying sizes. Plants such as Leighton Green and Laurus Nobilis are great for big areas that need privacy. We also have also shrubs and screening plants for narrow spaces like Bamboo and Callistemons.

If growing a shrub or tree isn’t option for your property but you’d still like to seclude your outdoor setting we have a variety of climbing plants. Climbing plants such as Roses and Jasminoides are good screening plants for fences so your home doesn’t miss out on floral privacy.

Screening Plants Maintenance

Pruning is an important part of maintaining screening plants. Without proper care it’s hard for these plants to thrive and they’re foliage would either get out of control or refuse to grow all together. For tips on how to maintain your type of privacy plant get in touch with one of our staff at the nursery. We’ll give you advice on how to look after your hedges and shrubs so your garden stays secure and lively.

Bargain Screening Plants Melbourne Wide

Creating a private setting in your outdoor area is affordable at Branch Out Nursery. Our budget friendly plants ensure your garden if filled with screening plants in a cost effective manner. We work hard so you can enjoy the most out of adding a natural screen to your outdoor area without breaking the bank.