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Located just down the road from Donvale is Branch Out Nursery, a leading supplier of great flower pots for sale and beautiful garden cottage plants. Our aim is to provide you with something new every time you come, allowing you to keep your garden fresh and be inspired. We also work closely with wholesale providers in the area to keep our prices as low as they can possibly be.

Pots for sale near Donvale

We’ve got a great range of large plant pots for those looking to create their own, dedicated planter area. We’ve also got beautifully artisan glazed and terracotta pots. Simply put, we’re right on top of our pots, whether they be terracotta or large plant pots, and we’re happy to offer you this magnificent collection. All of our flower pots for sale are kept as affordable as possible, as we pass on the wholesale prices onto you.

We can do this because of our close association with some of the most well known potteries throughout Victoria. This also means that, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, simply let us know and we’ll be able to get it in as quickly as we can. They’ll also come with the same, small price tag as the rest of our collection, whether they be large or terracotta pots.

More than just pots and plants

If you live in Donvale, sport a green thumb and are looking to get crafty, then you may be interested in our quality herb and vegetable seedlings. Our vegetable seedlings are chosen seasonally and conditioned to thrive in the great outdoors, making them plant ready the minute you buy them. We’ve also got high grade potting mix to go with it, or any other large scale garden project, which will help your plants grow big and strong.

Come and see us soon!

We’re located not too far away from Donvale, and are looking forward to seeing you soon! We’re always looking to bring in fresh cottage garden plants all the time, meaning there will probably be something new for you to come check out the next time you arrive. Our staff are also more than happy to pass on their expert advice and tips, as well as help in any way that they can to allow you to grow your dream garden.