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Not far too away from Heathmont in neighbouring Ringwood, Branch Out Nursery is the region’s leading supplier of cottage garden plants and terracotta pots for sale. With an eye for colour and design, as well as a wide range of specialist plants and pots, our nursery is a green thumb’s dream come true. We have great prices spread across the board, and our expert staff are always willing to lend a helping hand if need be.

Pots for sale near Heathmont

If you’re after either terracotta pots or large plant pots in Heathmont, then you’ve come to the right place. From glazed, to planters, we’ve got it all in an incredible array of styles and colours, allowing you to decorate your garden as you please. We source all of our flower pots for sale from renowned, wholesale potteries, and pass on the great low price to you.

Are there terracotta or large plant pots that you’re looking for, but simply cannot find? Don’t worry, as our close relationship with these potteries allows us to order and have them in as quickly as possible. We can also take rare and particular orders for those specialist garden projects, passing on the same fantastic prices as our other flower pots for sale.

More than just pots and plants

We’ve got a stunning range of herb and vegetable seedlings just for you, allowing you to create your very own grocery store right at home. Grown in an outdoor environment, and done so seasonally, we’ve ensured that they will be healthy the minute you plant them in the ground. We can also take orders for rare herb and vegetable seedlings, having them delivered to our nursery very quickly. We’ve also got a great range of high grade potting mix for those big garden projects.

Come and see us soon!

Whether you’re after cottage garden plants in Heathmont, or a great range of pots, pop in and see us soon. Our staff are very friendly, and are always looking to help in any way that they can. They’ll be able to pass on their expert gardening advice and tips, as well as pointers to sculpt your garden to your desired look and feel.