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Branch Out Nursery, located near Blackburn, is a large and experienced supplier of high quality cottage garden plants and flower pots for sale. With a wide range of colour and charm, suited to every style of garden decoration, we’ve made it easier than ever before to buy plants. We source our flora from reputed wholesale providers, and we pass these great, low prices onto you.

Pots for sale near Blackburn

We’ve got the very best glazed pots terracotta pots and large plant pots in Blackburn for you to choose from. Showcasing a wide range of styles and decorations, there is an item in our collection of flower pots for sale for everyone. We also go to great lengths to obtain our products from the most revered potteries in the country, such as the beautiful terracotta pots from Northcote Pottery.

We hold a great relationship with these potteries. So if there’s something that you’re particularly after, or can’t find what you’re looking for, simply ask one of our staff members and we’ll get it in as soon as possible. We also pass on the wholesale prices onto you, providing you with exceptional value and stunning quality.

More than just pots and plants

Want to create your own grocery store right in our backyard? Our exceptionally diverse range of herb and vegetable seedlings will do just the trick. We grow them as per the season and in an outdoor environment for conditioning, meaning they’ll be ready to grow the minute you plant them in the soil. We’ve also got a great selection of high grade potting mix for almost every purpose and application.

Come and see us soon!

Vegetable seedlings, large plant pots, or cottage garden plants – whatever you’re after, we’ve got it in stock for you! We’re conveniently located near Blackburn, with ample parking and friendly staff awaiting you. They’ll also be very happy to help out in any way they can, providing expert gardening tips and advice, as well as landscape design pointers, for you to make the most out of your garden.