Shrubs and groundcovers in Melbourne

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From stunning rose bushes, to ferns and azaleas, our shrubs and groundcovers are looking for a happy home in Melbourne to lay down their roots. At any time, we stock over two hundred bushes, including evergreen groundcover shrubs, so you won’t be short of choice. Our shrubs will look great in any type of garden, and come with an affordable price tag too, and should you need any further information on planting or care, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Our range of seasonal shrubs and groundcovers will allow you to provide your garden with that authentic, groundcover look and feel. Easy to plant and even simpler to maintain, they’ll look great in your garden whilst also adding a dash of charisma and colour. We also have a wide variety of potted options, allowing you to adorn your patio with beautiful camellias and roses.

Beautiful roses and azaleas in Melbourne

Our collection of colourful and vibrant roses & azaleas will turn even the most bland of garden settings into a true work of floral art. Featuring everyone’s favourite colours, including particularly rare varieties, our rose and azalea shrubs are the final piece of the gardening puzzle that you’ve been looking for. We’re more than happy to give you pruning tips and tricks, too.

The highest quality of shrubs and groundcovers in Melbourne

We work with some of the country’s most revered garden and plant suppliers to deliver you outstanding quality that will last under our extreme weather conditions. One of these is Plant Growers Australia, which is the largest business wholesale garden nursery in Australia. We pass on both the low price and the fantastic produce directly to you!

Magnificent groundcovers in Melbourne

Groundcovers are a great alternative to natural grass for providing an attractive and quite often distinguishing area of the garden. Perfect for covering large swathes of land, and for adorning any tiles or footpath leading up to the home, they require almost no maintenance whatsoever. Our range of groundcovers will provide your garden with that exciting look that you’ve always wanted.