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Sowing, fertilising, weeding, watering your patch of land to turn it into a mini flower garden on your own premises is a fulfilling experience quite a few Melbourne homes desire to have. Yet there are three reasons which throw people off gardening- money, time and land.

A visit to the Melbourne’s leading supplier of flower seeds and saplings- Branch Out Nursery,  will leave no room for any more excuses. Explore the interesting ways to set your garden (no matter how big or small)  brimming with natural blossoms.

Flower Seedlings

We sell affordable flower seeds and saplings. From the most the very rare vines and florets to low maintenance indoor flowering plants, our collection is bound to excite you. Our staff are also well versed in all things flowers and are more than happy to give you the right advice.

However, if we don’t have what you are particularly after, feel free to ask us and we’ll order it in as soon as possible. We structure our range based on seasons, offering you the best chance of getting the most out of your seeds, seedlings or plants as soon as possible.

Flower seedlings Melbourne

Which flowers bloom best in this season?

Have questions on what to sow in spring, summer, autumn, winter?  Are you looking for tips on how to keep them looking the best? Are you after a hardy plant which can stand both heat and frost? We are here to help. We are OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK. Call us on TEL: 98763479.

How to choose the flowers for your garden?

Two important things to note while choosing a flower seed or plant for your garden are

  • 1. position of the soil bed.
  • 2. height of the plant.

The growth of flowers depends on the amount of sun the spot gets. Decide whether you want deciduous plants that enjoy summer sun but are dormant over winter or flowers which grow happily even without a lot of direct sunlight. A well-drained soil also helps the seeds to grow into healthy plants and foliage.

We’ve gone to great lengths to not only make sure that we have an exciting range of flower seeds and saplings for you to choose from, but also that they are of the highest quality. Turn your dream of having a sweet smelling garden and unleash nature’s true beauty in your small and big spaces.