Beautiful Cottage Garden Plants In Melbourne.

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Create your very own cottage garden with our beautiful collection of ornamental and edible cottage plants for Melbourne. At Branch Out Nursery we offer a broad range of decorative cottage plants and shrubbery to fill your cottage garden.

The aesthetic appeal of rustic and traditional cottage gardens make it hard to find the right plants in Melbourne. Branch Out Nursery is renowned for our extensive selection of cottage garden plants. We have carefully curated plants for you to choose from to suit your own cottage garden needs.

If you’re trying to track down a particular plant, our friendly staff will be able to order it in for you. We work hard to ensure all our customers’ gardens are satisfied and matched with the right flora.

Big Savings At The Best Garden Plant Nursery Melbourne Sale.

Branch Out Nursery offers the best prices for our garden plants Melbourne wide. We ensure you’re getting value for money for your cottage garden. Choose from our budget friendly cottage garden plants like decorative flowers, climbing, hedging or shade plants and edible herbs and fruits.

Cottage gardens can be filled with a variety of plants, all dependant on how you’ve designed the layout of your home garden. Branch Out Nursery will help you find the right plants to suit exposed or shade areas.

Australian Cottage Garden Plants.

Despite coming from an English background, cottage gardens are now found worldwide. Australia is bountiful with its collection of native flora that suit cottage gardens. That’s why we’re able to offer a variety of Australian cottage garden plants. Whether you’re after Australian cottage garden plants for shade, native climbing plants or local flowers, we’ve got you covered. Liven up your garden today with Branch Out Nursery’s native cottage garden plants.

Cottage Garden Plants For All Seasons.

Melbourne is known for its weather extremities. But this doesn’t mean your cottage garden won’t thrive. Our collection of cottage garden plants are easy to take care of and grow throughout the year.

Plants like evergreen shrubs are an example of year-round cottage plants. Evergreen garden plants don’t drop leaves during Autumn and Winter, and when Spring and Summer come along, they bloom bright and colourful flowers.

We also have cottage garden plants for full sun during the peak of Summer. Our high drought resistant plants are perfect for those worried about Summer’s dry spells.

With the right maintenance, your cottage garden will survive all of Melbourne’s seasons. Have our staff advise you on seasonal care, so your cottage garden flourishes year round.

Taking Care Of Your Cottage Garden Plants In Melbourne.

All cottage gardens contain a vast range of plants. Therefore proper maintenance varies from garden to garden, and whether your plants are in the shade or completely exposed. Taking care of cottage plants in Melbourne is simple.

When purchasing your plants talk to one of our friendly staff. They’ll be able to tell you all about your plants pruning, growth and seasonal needs you cottage garden requires.

Start Your Growing Your Own Cottage Garden Today.

Whether you’re adding to your current collection, starting a new cottage garden for your home, or looking to add greenery to your modern landscape design, get in touch with Branch Out Nursery garden plants for Melbourne. We’ll help you find the perfect cottage garden plants for your home.