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Our range of garden plants in Melbourne have been collected both for their beauty and their ease to plant and care for. Our garden plants in Melbourne are a culmination of our tireless efforts to offer you flora for every possible style of garden design that you can think of. Everything from hedge plants, to cottage garden plants, and even ready-to-plant plants in tubes are available for you to choose from, each being just as beautiful as the other.

Cottage Plants








Shrubs and Ground Covers


Instant Colour


Plants in tubes

Many native plants and seedlings struggle to grow on their own, and often require a little helping hand in the form of its own, purpose built tube. Our range of plants in tubes provides a safe, easy way for such native flora to grow, whilst also preserving its typical beauty from the start. We’ve got a great range of plants in tubes for you to choose from, and don’t hesitate to ask one of our on site experts about what else it needs to help allow it prosper in your garden.

Vegetable seedlings and herb plants

Looking to buy vegetable seedlings and herb plants for your own home? The vegetable seedlings and herb plants that we have on offer will have you running your very own greenery in no time at all! Our team know their way around all of our herb plants, and will be able to advise you on seasonal planting and care. Likewise with our vegetable seedlings, which have been pre-conditioned outside to make sure that they’re ready to thrive as soon as they’re planted.

Flowering plants

Our range of azaleas, roses, and other flowering plants will allow you to add that distinctive splash of colour to your home. Our flowering plants have been selected for both their beauty and their vibrancy, and will look great in anyone’s garden. We’ll also be able to give you the right advice on when and where is best to plant them to maximise their beauty. If we don’t have what you want in stock, then we can arrange to have it in as quickly as possible!

Hedge plants and screening plants

Our collection of hedge plants and screening plants will be perfect for those looking to create an attractive, natural boundary around their property. We’ve conditioned our hedge plants and screening plants outdoors from an early age to make sure that they’re ready to flower the minute that they’re planted. Our screening plants are also ready to thrive, and we can provide you with some useful tips to make sure they cover the entire area that you wish them to.

Mulch plants and native plants

Our range of mulch plants and native plants are ready to set into any kind of mulch, and will provide you with a stylish alternative to groundcovers. Our mulch plants will look splendid in any garden, whilst our native plants are perfect for those looking for an all seasons variety of ground covers. Got a question about what type of mulch plants or native plants will be best suited for you? Our friendly nursery staff are more than happy to help.

Citrus trees

From orange trees, to lemon trees, and any other type of citrus fruit, we’ve made it easy for you to buy citrus trees at our nursery in Melbourne. We’ve taken great care of the citrus trees that we have on offer, making it so that they will be ready to prosper and thrive in your backyard. We’ll also be on hand to provide you with the right information on seasonal produce, nurturing them, as well as knowing when the citrus trees are ripe for you to use.