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Branch Out Nursery offers the complete range of Grow Better fertilisers.

Healthy soils make your plants stronger and healthier thus better able to resist the damage caused by insects and disease. We also stock Grow Better organic fertiliser that helps improve the condition of your soil by adding organic matter and is an approved BFA product.


Grow Better Garden Products have developed a range of superior quality potting mixes and soil conditioners that are specially designed for your specific needs, to help you grow strong, healthy plants in pots or in your garden beds.

These competitively priced products are perfectly balanced so that they are easy to use, beneficial to the environment and safe for your family.

All Grow Better products are manufactured in Australia using locally produced raw materials wherever possible.We stock the complete range of Grow Better Potting Mixes and soil conditioners.

Grow Better have an informative website which we have linked here.