Native and ground cover plants in Melbourne

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There has been a steep rise in the popularity of native plants in Melbourne over the last few years. Native and ground cover plants are perfect for those who are looking for a way to cover spare ground in their garden, but not in its entirely. What’s more, these plants are very tolerant of even the most severe of drought conditions in Melbourne, and are a long lasting alternative to conventional shrubs or bushes.

A grevillea flowerWe’ve worked very hard to ensure that we always have a large range of of native and ground cover plants, perfect for that different, distinctive edginess that you’re looking for. We know our native plants like the back of our own hands, and will be able to answer questions regarding seasonal planting times, nurturing and caring tips, as well as ways to promote their growth over time.

A wide variety of ground cover plants in Melbourne

Our collection of ground cover plants are suitable for quick or slow growing situations, and will grow and thrive in no time at all. We’ve grown our plants in an open environment to condition them against all weather patterns, making sure that you will be purchasing a long-term alternative to conventional ground covers.A grevillea plant

Great native plants in Melbourne

Native plants are perfectly suited to all of the extremities that you can expect from Melbourne’s climate, and are great for those looking for a unique way to decorate their garden. Our range of native plants, from grasses to small shrubs and bushes, will be perfect for all soils, and are all set to grow and thrive in your garden.