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Fill your garden with colourful flora. Flowering plants are diverse decorative plants that liven up any outdoor setting. Branch Out Nursery has a vast selection of flowering plants to revitalise your garden.

We understand that some plants are harder to find than others. If there’s potted flowering plants or bulbs you’re searching for, we can order it in for you at Branch Out Nursery so you can get your gardening project started as soon as possible.

Full Range Of Flowering Plants For All Seasons

Branch Out Nursery curates seasonal flowering plant bulbs and potted flowering plants. Our nursery has a huge selection of year round flowering plants in Melbourne so whenever you visit us, you’ll have a choice from relevant flora that will flourish in the current weather.

Spring Flowering Plants

Flowering plants thrive during Spring. This is the best time to start your gardening project. During the blooming season, there’s plenty to choose from as the weather conditions are perfect for flowering plants. Popular Spring flowering plants are Peonies, Roses, Seaside Daisies and Bruniera.

Summer Flowering Plants

Plants need plenty of sunshine. However, Melbourne’s fierce Summers mean some plants will struggle more under the intense sunlight. Types of plants that can survive the excess heat include Lavender, Jacaranda, Frangipani and Hibiscus.

Autumn Flowering Plants

Autumn can be a tricky time for flowering plants. Auburn foliage often covers the grounds as the signs of cooler weather affects flora. But for those looking for a gardening project from March to May, there are certain flowering plants you can start growing. Plants like Gerberas, Autumn Sage, Cotton Rose and Dogbane are all kinds of flowerings plants available in Autumn.

Winter Flowering Plants

Melbourne can be harsh. The shorter days and cooler temperatures make it hard for a lot of plants to stay alive. With a lot of maintenance, all flowering plants would survive. But some plants can withstand the cooler weather. Snowdrops, Hardenbergia, Geraniums and Cyclamens are types of flowering plants that can handle the Winter chills.

Wide Variety Of Flowering Plants For Shades And Uncovered Areas

Whether you’re renovating your home or wanting to add to your collection of flora visit Branch Out Nursery. Our wide range of flowering plant bulbs and flowering plants for shades suit all outdoor settings. Choosing the right flowerings for your type of garden is also important, as certain plants require different amounts of sunlight and shade. We offer plenty of flowering plants for shades and uncovered areas for you to add to your garden.

Flowering Plants Maintenance

Not all our flora are year round flowering plants. To keep your flowering plants blooming, they need proper maintenance. Depending on the kind of plant, some may need more attention than others. If you’re unsure of how to take care of your flowering plant get in touch with one of our friendly staff members at Branch Out Nursery. We’ll advise you on how to help your flora blossom.

Branch Out Nursery’s Affordable Flowering Plants For Melbourne

Branch Out Nursery is renowned for its affordable prices. For over 30 years we have been providing our plants at prices to suit all budgets. Start growing your garden today with our beautiful and cost effective flowering plants.