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Whether they be for lemons or oranges, owning your very own citrus fruit tree in Melbourne is an incredible luxury. At Branch Out Nursery, we have a fantastic range of both dwarf and fully grown citrus fruit trees that are looking for a new home, all of which, you can be assured, are of the highest quality imaginable. We stock lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange citrus trees, and can order in any specific citrus fruits that you would like.

Buy citrus fruit trees in Melbourne

You can buy citrus trees that are conditioned outside from a young age, allowing them to get used to and become resilient against seasonal changes. We can also supply you with a range of citrus tree friendly fertiliser, as well as providing you with a few handy hints on how you can best care for and nurture your new lemon tree or orange tree. We aim to make it easy for you to buy citrus trees for a low as possible price, so chances are you’ll be able to finally get your very own lemon tree at a great price.

Lemon trees in Melbourne

Lemon trees (Citrus limon) are by far the most popular form of fruit or citrus variety in Melbourne. Relatively easy to maintain, and vital for the foods and cuisine that we all enjoy, a lemon tree is akin to an attractive grocery store in your very own backyard. Our range of double grafted and dwarf lemon trees, including our native varieties, will allow you to enjoy this convenience in spades.

Orange trees in Melbourne

Orange trees (Citrus sinenis) are highly reliant on the perfect seasonal climate to flourish and thrive. Not only can we sell you a high quality plant that will be conditioned to the elements, but we’ll also be more than happy to provide you with tips and tricks of the trade. Our staff will be the perfect people to talk to for the right advice on growing your own orange tree in Melbourne.

Mandarin trees in Melbourne

Like their orange cousins, mandarin trees (Citrus reticulata) rely on perfect conditions to produce fruit. A mandarin tree also relies on the soil it is planted in, as these trees generally use many nutrients from the soil initially. We’ll be the best people to talk to about using the right soil and fertiliser, as well as how to initially care for your young mandarin plant.